Windows Replacement in Chicago


Improve the appearance and value of your home!

One of the single best ways to improve the appearance and increase the value of your home is by replacing the windows! But why wait? Replacement window costs are surprisingly reasonable, worth enjoying yourself instead of waiting until you need or want to sell so someone else can enjoy your replacements.

Energy Savings:

If you have an older home with wood framed windows, you are losing a lot of energy through the glass and through air leaks around the frame itself. You can replace the windows with new wood sashes, but you may want to look at insulated aluminum or at the today’s most popular replacement window, the vinyl framed replacement window. Va Victory is proud to offer a variety of different window materials and styles to fit your need and energy saving requirements. Generally the least expensive, as well as most popular replacement windows are the vinyl replacements. They are water proof, never need painting, and unless they are in very intense, direct sun, they will not fade or discolor. However you can also purchase fiberglass and vinyl clad wood as well as either aluminum or wood. The choice is yours!

You decide window size, shape, and color!

Windows no longer need to be flat, square or rectangular! If you have a large window space, you might consider Palladian windows or windows with sidelights. You can also take advantage of patterns of frosted glass or even sections of stained glass. Today’s windows are as creative as the folks who invent them and the technology that makes them possible. It really is your choice, let us help you design a project that will make your house warmer in the winter and colder in the summer. Whether it’s a simple window replacement or installation of new Bay windows we are capable and willing to get it done!

Benefits of replacement windows:

Replacement windows can increase resale value and energy efficiency. Older windows allow air flow from outside greatly increasing your cooling and heating bills. Be comfortable in your own home, window replacement is an inexpensive way to add value to your home while saving you money on monthly heating\cooling bills. Also take advantage of recent government energy saving programs. Depending on the window you choose you may qualify for a $1500.00 tax credit by using the most energy efficient brands. We are able to walk you step by step to get the maximum return from this program. Call us today! **Program ends 12/31/2010 **